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Practical Inspiration

Here’s some practical inspiration for your new year’s resolutions, your 2019 goals, your focus.

I read this in a business magazine as the “new” characteristics desired by employers:
INITIATIVE and IDEATION. It sounds new, fantastic and, like, “Oh ya, I’ve got to improve on my ideation skills.” Of course we all know these as the tried and true characteristics of HARD WORK and CREATIVITY.

Initiate yourself! Learn and evolve. Try new things! Take risks…take small risks for small rewards and take big risks for big rewards. We can always work smarter. That’s what learning and growing and evolving are all about. But working harder is not for everybody. Outworking your competition works and being passionate about what you do makes outworking your competition easy. You also have to constantly practice as your creative self both personally and professionally. Personal creative self? Dance, write, sculpt, sing, play music, paint, build, draw; do what it is you like to do as your creative self. Professional creative self? Try new marketing ideas, imagine things like your clients might imagine them, be humble and take advice from others, read more and listen to other experts in your field and related to your field, share and get new insight. Hard Work and Creativity, Initiative and Ideation, Effort and Energy; these combinations are the natural and basic foundations of accomplishment.

Above all, if you really want to be successful every year and in any year, you must be passionate about what you do and what you believe in, you must work for it and commit to it, and you must endeavor to help others and/or make the world a better place. These are more than guidelines for success. These are guidelines for fulfillment.

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