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Have you met ROI?

ROI can be positive or negative, you just have to catch him at the right time. ROI-Return On Investment. With the losses on 401k’s, company pensions and stock heavy annuities many of our newest clients over the last 5 years or so have been Investors looking for a positive ROI through Real Estate. One of our biggest customers started buying condos in the city in 2010 and now they have dozens that are exclusively Corporate Rentals. Other clients have purchased several multi-family units and the buildings are strictly for long term hold and they have extremely low vacancy rates. We have had many who have purchased one or two units with Self Directed Real Estate IRA’s with a minimum goal of 8% ROI. We have other IRA based investors who have flipped properties.

There are details and strategies that need explaining and all of us need vision and courage when heading into the Real Estate ROI world. We’re veteran experts AND investors too, just like you. Our rule of thumb has been to set a 10% minimum return as the goal and NOT consider anything under 8%. Nobody has a crystal ball and we certainly are not fortune tellers. Market conditions can and do change quickly. The one difference that sets Real Estate apart is that wether the market booms or busts, you still have property to work with(rent, re zone, re build, develop, etc) You’re never left with nothing!

Nota bene: your home is NOT an investment! For many of us it can be the biggest “investment” of our lives but should not be treated as one. We live in our home, we love in our home, we grow in our home, we celebrate in our home, we break bread in our home, we welcome loved ones into our home…The value of our home is almost always immeasurable. Wether we sell for more or less when we move to our next one, we have enjoyed, experienced and treasured this one. ROI should never be invited. It’s a pleasant surprise when he shows up positive, that’s for sure.

We’re ready to set up an introduction when you’re ready to become an investor and to meet ROI.


Craig Fallico

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