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Evolving and Remembering

4 decades is a long time to do ANYTHING! During that time I have experienced a ton of changes in the Real Estate industry. The last 5 years have brought hyper changes, high speed evolution.

At the start of my career we had fat volumes of property pages with tabbed areas. The massive books were dropped off at our office every Saturday morning, blocking the door. Luckily I was young and in great shape in order to lug them inside. A Client would talk about areas of interest and we would flip through the pages together. The very,very first copy machine that I used was the mimeograph machine! Then less than a year later the copy machine, no color. As agents we stopped at a pay phone if we needed to make a road call. For our Sellers we had a sign installer, post cards, farming, etc. And of course their property was put into the “book” and always advertised in the local papers. All calls back then were “warm” and not “cold”(and still are warm for me:~)

Fast forward to a few decades later and we now are and must be internet savvy, active on social media, in constant electronic contact with our sphere. We truly can be working 24 hours a day as clients are electronically active at all hours. We can work remotely and effectively. Responses must come swiftly or you lose out on the chance to help somebody. We Brokers must have some type of lead generation system and we must protect our well earned and hard earned client base as they are under constant algorithmic attack.

So we have evolved and we conduct business more rapidly and we operate as high tech agents. Through it all we STILL have to have a soul to be successful. The people whom we help expect us to care and expect us to put them first. They expect us to at least know a little and always care a lot! Our clients are much more knowledgeable than they have ever been thanks to the current information age and I am finding that they need us more than ever. They are counting on us to guide them through the jungle of data and statistics that they have accumulated to simply let them know that “yes, this is good. This meets or exceeds your needs/hopes/dreams.” Needs, hopes, dreams…remember? We never forget. It’s our job.



Craig Fallico


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