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Market Flipped, Flippers Excited

It has been 10 years since we have seen two straight months where 25+% of all sales were of properties with price reductions. We have had months of a drop in existing home sales and in new home sales. We have had months of increases in market times. It sounds rough. It’s not. It’s a […]

Rate Yourself!

Should we let interest rates determine whether we purchase or not? Let’s look at rates and their effect on the Real Estate market. When I started in the industry rates were 18-20%! Closings occurred with owner financing/land contracts almost exclusively. It was a slower market but by no means completely dead. On the contrary rates […]

Feeling taxed? Don’t worry, be happy:~)

Well you’re not alone! The national average of property tax here in the United States is 2.7% of the value. This includes ALL property types(as land is taxed customarily at a higher rate). For ALL countries in the OECD the United States pays above average taxes. Our English friends are taxed the most at 4.2%. […]

“Surban” Living! Finding the perfect spot.

In the past few years our clients have added these items to their must have criteria in a search for the ideal home: Walk to transportation, coffee shops, restaurants, schools, parks, shopping(specifically daily groceries) Easy access to Metra , the “L”, Expressways, O’Hare High rated schools Suburban amenities with urban conveniences…”SURBAN” My wife and I […]

If we’re headed for hard times, are we really?

If we’re headed for hard times, are we really? It sometimes takes me by surprise when the elderly speak pessimistically about the future when in fact they have outlasted and conquered “hard times”. They are always living proof of the old adage “Tough times never last. Tough people do.” Perhaps by their experience alone they […]

Stats Are Like Butts, They’re Behind

Statistics can be behind, Team Fallico can help you get ahead.

Why Work With a Broker?

When they decide to sell, many homeowners might ask themselves if it’s a better idea to list their property For Sale By Owner (FSBO) instead of working with a broker.

Get The Most Money For Your Home

When it comes to selling your home, location and property value aren’t the only factors in getting a great price. Here are five strategies to consider that will help you attract more and higher offers.

Preparing Yourself to Buy a Home

Buying a first home is an important and gratifying milestone, opening up a world of new possibilities, choices, and considerations.

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