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This crazy market is…

This “crazy” market actually isn’t so crazy. It makes sense. It is very easy to understand why home prices are up, why it is a Seller’s market, and why it is so hard to be a Buyer. The explanation is rooted in basic economics of supply and demand, loud and clear. Every time a new […]

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Back to Basics – Connection

More involvement, not less! I predict that the near and distant future of residential real estate will include more personal contact and better human connections. I believe this despite recent trends that lead brokers to have less direct contact with clients – larger, constantly growing real estate teams now include showing agents, executive assistants, and […]

Craig’s Market Predictions for 2022

Consumer Confidence was down 13.4% from 6 months ago. This is the biggest drop in a 6 month period since 1978. BUT it’s up 3 percentage points from November. Obviously, there are two main factors that are causing the overall drop: escalating inflation and Covid-19 (increase in cases/hospitalizations and the Omicron variant, thankfully more mild […]

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Gen X, Millennials and Old Dogs

Millennials and Gen X will be the primary homebuyers this year—no surprise, as they make up pretty much the entire working population! Gen X is still building equity, investing, moving up. But of course, as numbers go, this group will only make up less than 20% of our market. The mid to upper priced housing […]

10 years, $10 Million, $10’s of Millions

It’s estimated that one million millennials will buy a home each year for the next ten years! Homeownership is STILL the American dream, and though millennials may want smaller, more environmentally friendly homes, they are NOT going to sacrifice the perfect walkable location. The rate scare has subsided for now, prices have dropped, and inventory […]

Have you met ROI?

ROI can be positive or negative, you just have to catch him at the right time. ROI-Return On Investment. With the losses on 401k’s, company pensions and stock heavy annuities many of our newest clients over the last 5 years or so have been Investors looking for a positive ROI through Real Estate. One of […]

Practical Inspiration

Here’s some practical inspiration for your new year’s resolutions, your 2019 goals, your focus. I read this in a business magazine as the “new” characteristics desired by employers: INITIATIVE and IDEATION. It sounds new, fantastic and, like, “Oh ya, I’ve got to improve on my ideation skills.” Of course we all know these as the […]

2019, Be Ready!

Certainly, the market slowed the second half of 2018. There are numerous explanations and all have contributed to the drop. Yes, rates and prices went up simultaneously to make affordability a challenge. Yes, consumer confidence dropped and trepidation regarding international tariffs rose to cause some buyers and investors to take pause. Yes, there has been […]